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Carol          PRESIDENT

Carole Harlan, #44468

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Cannelongo-Mahaney #58562

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Randolph (Randy) K Manship
Home:   (302) 684-3869
Work:   (302) 945-0187
Work Fax: (302) 945-0975 


Richard (Dick)  Howell #30268

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Lee's photo              SECRETARY

Lee Derr

Home: (302) 999-1359 

Dave's photo        WEBMASTER

Dave Mackenzie

Home: (302) 478-5615 



Being the highest individual honor in our organization, the JCI Senatorship is an award recognized throughout the world for persons who have made substantial contributions toward furthering the philosophy and beliefs of Jaycees. It is presented to the exceptional member or past member who has distinguished him or herself in many ways through outstanding service on a local, state or national level over an extended period of time. Senatorships are restricted to members or past members of at least five years standing (dues paid).

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Upcoming Events


Meeting Dates

The Delaware JCI Senate meets bi-monthly, on the second Tuesday of the month. The following dates are scheduled for 2016:

NOTE: There has been a change of date for the January membership meeting. Due to the current weather and road conditions, our membership meeting has been postponed until Thursday Jan 28 at 7pm , at the Route 40 Diner.

Upcoming National & Regional Events

Past Events


The 60th Annual Blue & Gold Game was held on June 20th at the University of Delaware Stadium in Newark, DE. Once again, the concession booth assigned to the Delaware JCI Senate was well-manned by a host of Senators. Some Senators even offered their services in other areas of the event, including serving on the DFRC Committee and helping out the Delaware Jaycees chapters at other booths. We sold a lot of hot dogs, burgers, pretzels and sodas on a very hot summer afternoon, and were fortunate to be finished before a huge thunderstorm came our way All in all, it was a great time, and we look forward to next year as usual.Attending the Blue & Gold Game were: Carole Harlan and granddaughter Claudia Morse, Regina and Patrick Mahaney, Dick Howell, Randy and Sharlene Manship, Larry and Joanne Green, Steve Bufflap, Keith Pierce, Steve Stallone and son Mark, Dave Mackenzie, Tina Macko, Jeff Lank, Paul Betts, and Lee Derr, along with guests Ann Weiford, Judy Parag, Tom and Gina Nicolaus and their son Alexander (Regina’s cousin).      

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Our long-awaited Spring Social was held June 5th, as we attended a baseball game at Frawley Stadium in Wilmington, and rooted for the Blue Rocks on their way to another victory. The weather was perfect for our night out, and was capped off with a magnificent fireworks display! Definitely something that we will be doing again! Attending the game were Carole Harlan, Regina and Patrick Mahaney, Dick Howell and Mary Ann Wozny, Randy and Sharlene Manship, and Judy Parag.

If anyone has an idea for a social or a get-together for the Senators/spouses/friends, please feel free to share them with us. Contact by email Carole Harlan, Regina Cannelongo-Mahaney, Dick Howell or Randy Manship. Better yet, come to our meeting and we can talk about your idea!

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The West Virginia JCI Senate hosted the 2015 MAI Conference April 9-12 in Morgantown WV. Our state was represented by eleven Senators, including Carole Harlan, Regina and Patrick Mahaney, Dick Howell, Randy Manship, Tom Faulkner, Melanie Angotti, Sandy and Hank Kolodner, and Larry and Joanne Green. During the conference, we elected our new Region II National Vice President Gary Duell, from the PA JCI Senate. While we welcome him as \our new Vice President, we also recognized the wonderful service we had received from our current NVP Bob Cairns. Everyone agreed that the conference was a success!

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At National Convention, it was announced that the Delaware JCI Senate achieved Third Place nationally for Presidential Sweepstakes ticket sales, and that Jackie Grimm took First Place nationally for individual ticket sales. Way to go!


Everyone was busy in December, getting ready for the holiday season. On December 13th, our annual Holiday Social was hosted this year by Larry Green (Senator #27324) and his wife Joanne (Friendship #00056). We had a great turnout, and saw many Senators that we have not seen in many years! Lots of stories to tell, plenty of yummy food, and tons of holiday cheer… just what a holiday party should be. We hope to continue to see more and more senators come out to this holiday event.

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Unfortunately, no one was available to represent the Delaware JCI Senate at the Winter Boards in Florida. But, we were still heard from! Among the many awards and presentations, Delaware was honored for achievements with the Presidential Sweepstakes by taking First Place in the Second Quarter.

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In our efforts to “Return the Favor”, the DE JCI Senate once again supported the Delaware Jaycees by taking part in their State Convention in January. Joining us were our Region II National Vice President Bob Cairns and his wife Kim. Bob gave a wonderful talk to our Delaware Jaycees, pressing home the idea of including the Senate in their projects and activities. As in previous years, we supplied the judges for their Speak Up and Write Up competitions. In addition to Bob and Kim Cairns, the Delaware JCI Senate members participating were Regina Cannelongo-Mahaney (Senator #58562), Patrick Mahaney (Senator #51255), Larry Green (Senator #27324), and Carole Harlan (Senator #44468). Still active with the Jaycees, Jeff Lank (Senator #69262) and Tina Macko (Senator #67684) were on hand to lend their expertise in the hosting of the convention. During the awards portion of the day, Tina Macko (Senator #67684) was awarded her governorship.

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MD Crab Feed

On September 6th, the destination was the MD Crab Feed in Westminster, MD. Five members of our Senate traveled to enjoy lots of food, lots of friends from other states, and lots of fun. We will definitely be back next year!

Attending the MD Crab Feed were:

Carole Harlan
Regina and Patrick Mahaney
Sandy and Hank Kolodner

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Fall Board of Directors - Gettysburg

The Fall Board of Directors was held September 27-30th in Gettysburg, PA. The DE JCI Senate was well-represented. There for the weekend were 6 Senators and one guest. Two tours and a golf tournament were offered. Dick, Mary Ann and Carole went on the Ghost Walk ( I swear I was touched by a spirit!) and the Battlefield tours, and Patrick and Sandy participated in the Golf Tournament. At the banquet on Saturday night, Vice President Regina Cannelongo-Mahaney #58562 was honored with the Presidential Medallion in appreciation for outstanding contributions to the Delaware JCI Senate.

Attending Fall Board of Directors were:

Carole Harlan
Regina and Patrick Mahaney
Dick Howell and guest Mary Ann Wozny
Sandy and Hank Kolodner

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Summer Social

In August, we had our Summer Social, this time cracking a few crustaceans at JP’s Wharf in Bowers Beach. We were 15 strong, including Senators, spouses, and significant others. The day was beautiful, and everyone enjoyed their lunch, after which we sat on the deck, enjoying drinks and conversation. A very nice afternoon! Looks like this may just become our annual summer tradition! Having a blast at the social were:
Carole Harlan
Regina and Patrick Mahaney
Dave Mackenzie and Alicia Smith
Dick Howell and Mary Ann Wozny
Randy and Sharlene Manship
Walt and Marbeth Szczerban
Tom Faulkner
Lee Derr
Steve Bufflap
Bob Outten
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Please welcome our newest Delaware Senator Keith Pierce #71519, formerly from the Talleyville Jaycees. He was honored on Monday, November 26, 2012, at a special ceremony at Cafe Riviera in Talleyville, DE. See photo for all the Senators in attendance. We wish Keith the best and hope he will become an active member of our Senate organization.


Front Row: Ken Howell, Galen Keene, Keith Pierce, Walt Szczerban, Lee Derr, Steve Stallone
Second Row: Tina Macko, Dave Mackenzie, Carole Harlan, Bob Prost, Larry Green, Tom Faulkner, April DeBenedictis, Regina Cannelongo-Mahaney
Third Row: Jeff Lank, Dick Howell, Patrick Mahaney
, Randy Manship, Jim Farley

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Shirts can be purchased at any location of your choosing (JC Penney store or catalog has the best selection of colors). Monograms by Trish in Bear, Delaware, (phone 838-0600) has our Senate logo information and does the embroidery of the logo with your name and Senate number.


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We Believe:

That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;

That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;

That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;

That government should be of laws rather than of men;

That earth's great treasure lies in human personality;

And that service to humanity is the best work of life.

History of our Creed

Written by C. William Brownfield in 1946, the year 1996 was the golden
anniversary of the Jaycee Creed. Adopted by the US Jaycees and Jaycees
International, this simple statement of beliefs unites Jaycees around the
world in a bond of friendship and purpose. These 65 words have become the
third most important document in the lives of many, many people worldwide.


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